Design With You in Mind

Your dwelling is your refuge, it is a reflection of you.

When your home is functional and stylish, you can begin to relax knowing that everything is in its place. You begin to take pride in your home. Ruby offers interior design services that work with you, not at you.


As a first step, Ruby will get to know you during an initial consultation to discuss your dreams and vision for your home, the way you want it to function, and your style and design preferences, including remodeling if needed. From there, Ruby lays out a plan for your home which includes scope of work, estimated time frame and rates. Once accepted, let the home transformation begin.

Services range from color selecting, home furnishing, interior decorating, art installation, remodeling and ground-up interior design selections. Below defines interior design services available with Vazzo Spaces by Ruby Cloutier:

  • Interior Design: The art of planning and supervising the design and execution of architectural interiors and their furnishings.
  • Interior Decorating: Adding decorations to the interior of a building or room, especially with regard for color combination and artistic effect.
  • Remodeling: To change the structure or form of something, especially a building.
  • Color Scheme: An arrangement or combination of colors, especially as used in interior decoration.
  • Art Placement: Selecting a spot on the wall of a home for art pieces currently owned by the home owner.
  • Landscape Design: The art of arranging or modifying the features of a yard for aesthetic or practical reasons.